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Your Forever Pillow
Certi-Pur ® Certified Premium Visco Memory Foam for Pain Free Sleeping
Our Krooked Neck Pillows are made from PreserveVG®.  This means that we make our pillows with the environment in mind. Your new pillow is not made with ozone depleters. Instead it is composed of low VOC organic compounds. Krooked Neck Pillows are very light weight and can form to any shape without losing elasticity over time. Your new pillow will always retain its shape.

Did you know you could be sleeping on formaldehyde with your current pillow? Buy a Krooked Neck Pillow and rest assured you will be sleeping on a bio based foam made from sustainable and renewable natural resources.

Our special formula of Viscoelastic Tempurpedic Memory Foam is infused homogeneously with an advanced supreme cooling Gel for extra "cooling" comfort.

Feel good about the foam you are sleeping on and get a great nights sleep while preserving your earth and leaving it better for generations to come.

  1. Foams that Feel Good and You Can Feel Good About
    Foams that Feel Good and You Can Feel Good About